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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

our fab story

Diamond Fleur Beauty is the passion project of CEO and founder, Shanequa “Shekey” Matthew. Matthew used her NYS esthetician license to create Diamond Fleur Beauty from her home in 2020, after going into maternity leave and focusing on healing mentally and physically. Her goal with Diamond Fleur Beauty is to promote self love and care through her passion for cosmetics, and to uplift and empower women.


What is a Diamond Fleur Beauty? A Diamond Fleur (Flower) Beauty is a person that is blossoming. She is beautiful inside and out, and constantly tries to grow and elevate herself. She is strong and resilient, doesn’t fold under pressure, and shines her light on others.


The lotus flower represents our founder’s journey with spirituality. After researching the religions of the world, she was inspired by buddhism’s relationship with the lotus. The lotus is a flower that only grows above the mud, reflected in our CEO’s own tales of perseverance and ability to rise above it.


This brand empowers you to keep going and enjoy the things that make you happy. When you use a Diamond Fleur Beauty product, you’ll smile with excitement, feel good about yourself, and make each day a little brighter. 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
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